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Published on 2 weeks ago

Minecraft, But Crafts Are GIANT... (Challenge)

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Logan Stead Logan Stead . 47 minutes ago
Minecraft Steve cosplay?
Regiemar Paragas Regiemar Paragas . 2 hours ago
Ok im sub
Terry Panaligan Terry Panaligan . 3 hours ago
I miss yuo so much bin a 3 years
daniel stone daniel stone . 4 hours ago
what is the name of the mod
Team Cousins Worldwide Team Cousins Worldwide . 6 hours ago
Fun fact it would take approximately 534 diamonds to do what the thumbnail shows
cheese GOD cheese GOD . 10 hours ago
whats this mod called
Billie Nicholls Billie Nicholls . 12 hours ago
Hey don’t be rude to wisp
Koushal Gaming Koushal Gaming . 12 hours ago
Cj Batson Cj Batson . 13 hours ago
wisp when your live on twitch i was saying hi and you didn't answer my name was jayplayz784
Tubol Tubol . 16 hours ago
I dont hafe a mod but i hafe a IPhone so i get a mod i got like verical mod and lucky block mod only 2
ToxicPLAYS VR ToxicPLAYS VR . 18 hours ago
The pig: bro I see that bacon please don't make me next, you can even ride me
Wisp at the same time: Kills pig

R.I.P pig 2022 - 2022
Landon Miller Landon Miller . 21 hours ago
Thats what she said
RIP Technoblade RIP Technoblade . 1 day ago
"It takes 33 to make this?"

Also Wisp when he used to play UHC: *crafts 64 crafting tables for no reason at all*
force zero force zero . 1 day ago
CamBoxter CamBoxter . 1 day ago
It’s a HOuSe With a CHEST!
Douglas Brand Douglas Brand . 1 day ago
wisp do a IRL
a random channel a random channel . 1 day ago
Sharpie Sharpie . 1 day ago
It's too big
Nicolas Nicolas . 2 days ago
Whats the name of the song ge uses at the end
Seth Moore Seth Moore . 2 days ago
The giant pig for technoblade early
Vanessa & Timo Visscher Vanessa & Timo Visscher . 2 days ago
11.40 thats want she said
tengo gabadze tengo gabadze . 2 days ago
piss mug piss mug . 2 days ago
british boy
Rayyan Alam Rayyan Alam . 2 days ago
Tubol Tubol . 2 days ago
I remember i head the SUPET MARIO song after he ride him its a cool mario song did you guys heard that
god jesus god jesus . 2 days ago
"It's to big." wisp 2022
phillip the god player phillip the god player . 2 days ago
Ding ding I am at your front door
༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ . 2 days ago
the screen flinch when he crafted the multitool and when he turned mods into dirt 😂😂😂
upm mikail upm mikail . 2 days ago
i have been watching wisp for 3 years
dontmakeme1p dontmakeme1p . 2 days ago
I wish that he would have killed rhe dragon with the dirt sword :(
Samaj Walker Samaj Walker . 2 days ago
"Lovely Jubley"
Christian Carrasco Christian Carrasco . 2 days ago
What happened it didn’t show the end 😐
random .question1 random .question1 . 2 days ago
It’s too big-wisp 2022
Julian Trammell Julian Trammell . 2 days ago
Man i've been watching since 1m subs now your'e almost at 5m congrats(:
eleissler eleissler . 2 days ago
Wisp hope you get to 5m by the end of the year everyone sub to wisp
Crafed Crafed . 2 days ago
11:40 that's what she said
Rocraft Rocraft . 2 days ago
it's been 1 week and 2 days already
Rocraft Rocraft . 2 days ago
post already
Mzwandile Mxakaza Mzwandile Mxakaza . 3 days ago
wisp i sub on my tadliet and dads laptop and im u mega fan
Minecraft Knight Minecraft Knight . 3 days ago
Minecraft,but wisp is real
Jessica Martin Jessica Martin . 3 days ago
I've been watching your videos for 6 years and I'm seven and love your YouTube channel ❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜😇😇😇😇
Lah Soe Lah Soe . 3 days ago
Ayo what do you mean by it’s to big
Gameplay playz Gameplay playz . 3 days ago
I love his channel
Astrid Sebo Astrid Sebo . 3 days ago
Can you pls make a 100 days video
Clifa DaCosta Clifa DaCosta . 3 days ago
It's too big that's what he said
Zander shorts Zander shorts . 3 days ago
Hey wisp did you see the news about Technoblade I know how you feel about him I’m gonna miss him too
natia tarashvili natia tarashvili . 3 days ago
you are so so bad

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