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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Db Parrish Db Parrish . 2 hours ago
I'm impressed. I flew in them from the early 80's to the late 90's. I couldn't imagine taking on the expense of owning one! That is a big commitment, actually bigger in my opinion than having a child. Please keep us posted on the reality of keeping one of those flight worthy and licensed for operation. I always dreamed of having one but didn't have the balls, but, you did it! My hat is off to you!
John MCFARLAND John MCFARLAND . 2 hours ago
Let’s see some of the assembly process
Charles N. Charles N. . 2 hours ago
So awesome! All the content on this Blackhawk please! Congrats on the purchase.
Bryan Reed Bryan Reed . 2 hours ago
love the video looking forward to following the progress I have subscribed based on this video
derrick maynard derrick maynard . 2 hours ago
want to see it all... One of the best 🚁 ever made...
Yoti'z Adventures 2022 Yoti'z Adventures 2022 . 2 hours ago
anthony gudino anthony gudino . 2 hours ago
F yeah want to see it all
charles fritz charles fritz . 3 hours ago
Never got to ride in one while in the service...I was in during the UH-1H days prior to the Blackhawk. Of course my rides didn't include landing in them...being a paratrooper and Ranger. Show as much as you can of it and I assure you we will be watching. RLTW/AATW
Merrittorius Merrittorius . 3 hours ago
Would looooooove to see the build.
Patrick Roher Patrick Roher . 3 hours ago
Just so you know, if you need helicopter training I've been type rated for a 2009 Nissan Versa.😜
Scott Fuller Scott Fuller . 3 hours ago
Huge.... miss you guys on TV glad to have found this channel. Side note, way better than AYO fishing rebuilding a 70s era houseboat :)
Roberto Hernandez Roberto Hernandez . 4 hours ago
Congrats carnal!!! Looking forward to all the updates that will be done on the helicopter and procedures you've gotta go through from licensing to paperwork... Again Muchas Felicidades!!
Brian Parsons Brian Parsons . 4 hours ago
Love to see the whole process bro! Congratulations!!!
CryptoDice CryptoDice . 5 hours ago
Congratulations 🎊 you deserve it! 👏 y'all help so many people.
James Rockefeller James Rockefeller . 5 hours ago
I love how people always have to do the whole "greatest thing ever except for my kids" average Joe has kids not many people buy a Blackhawk
Swamp Yankee Swamp Yankee . 5 hours ago
I vote for walking us through the process that very few if any will have that opportunity.
Cyrus Manz Cyrus Manz . 5 hours ago
OMG, a Sikorski UH-60, a marvel of Russian ingenuity. I'm rooting for ya, whoever you are, spending upwards of $500K a year in operating costs will take a lot of YouTube ads.
Good luck.
OlderThanDirt OlderThanDirt . 5 hours ago
what a great achievement mate, you have definitely kicked some goals, it pays to work hard and make your dreams come too. Cheers
Nathan Kehoe Nathan Kehoe . 6 hours ago
youtube millionaires gone wild...
Will- G Will- G . 6 hours ago
That must truly be a dream come true.
Truckin With Shotgun Truckin With Shotgun . 6 hours ago
Had to slam the door @ 16:00 🤦🏽‍♂️ lol jkjk
math you math you . 6 hours ago
Anyone know the name of the song? @13:20 and at the end of the video? Shazam didn't help :\
Greg Daniel Greg Daniel . 6 hours ago
Definitely want to see the full build!! Congratulations!!!
Beth Peerenboom Beth Peerenboom . 7 hours ago
OSHKOSH TRUCK ! I know alot of people that work there and probably put that truck together ! I live in Oshkosh , WI !! I have watched all your videos and love them !! ❤️❤️
The Xential The Xential . 7 hours ago
Can I come by and check this thing out?! This is my city! This is so awesome!
Hamp Yonce Hamp Yonce . 7 hours ago
Rupinder Singh Kharbanda Rupinder Singh Kharbanda . 7 hours ago
Great video bro 👍
Raymond Rusi Raymond Rusi . 7 hours ago
Beautiful heli
Keith Mason Keith Mason . 8 hours ago
That is one monster of a chopper 😲
D Ziggy D Ziggy . 8 hours ago
Is it cheaper to go to Afghanistan and buy one?
Terry Murphy Terry Murphy . 8 hours ago
Dave very impressive machine 🚁 more videos please 🇨🇦
Joseph Bjornstad Joseph Bjornstad . 9 hours ago
Love to see the maintenance that happens on it. Also the training you go through. I know you can' t show it all but damn I'd like to see it all. I'm a retired Army Aviation maintainer, teacher and now a private pilot as well.
Chazden Ross Chazden Ross . 9 hours ago
You need to come back in October to get your helicopter. Keeneland Horse racing track races in April and October and it is across the street. Keeneland is a great time.
Gringott Fenn Gringott Fenn . 10 hours ago
Former MH-60 tech here. I really hope you are ready for the enormous amount of work it is going to take to get the aircraft into an up-status, ready for flight...the FCFs that are involved, the massive cost of Fuel, Oil, Hydraulic Fluid and other maintenance it is going to take to keep it flying. Good luck man!
Pedro Vento Pedro Vento . 11 hours ago
Gentleman Door Automation Gentleman Door Automation . 11 hours ago
Listen Brother, wonderful concept but making it airworthy is going to be a financial nightmare. Sadly, the maintenance records for 79-23311 show both engines will time out end of 2023, about 700K each! It was great to see you get some stick time, but those guys should have told you the real deal. I hope you have investors to make it all happen, it is a wonderful aircraft. One more thing, do not conduct any flight training in a Robinson helicopter. Thanks, Lou (Army Combat Vet/Blackhawk Crew Chief/OIF 3)
Stan Hammer Stan Hammer . 12 hours ago
Please let us know of the progress.
Tarnished Angel Tarnished Angel . 13 hours ago
Not going to lie, I teared up a little the first time you showed the helicopter. Made me proud to have been Army, once upon a time. Thanks for the Kentucky shout out. I'm about 3.5hrs from Lexington. Our state takes a lot of crud for being hillbillies, but you can't deny the beauty of our landscapes.
Glenn Spreeman Glenn Spreeman . 13 hours ago
what do you use for money?
Google User Google User . 14 hours ago
I really appreciate you, watching your videos is like taking the trip with you guys. I want to see all the aspects of Project Diesel Hawk waiting for the Merch because I’ll never get to do this, so I can follow the journey with you.
Larry Duss Larry Duss . 14 hours ago
See all of it
Mike Harrington Mike Harrington . 15 hours ago
Would love to see what ever you are willing to share. Miss flying with my father in law. He was teaching me to fly before he passed. Was truly an enjoyable experience.
Let’s go Lexington Kentucky 🤗
bahdoon Abdi bahdoon Abdi . 16 hours ago
This is the war bird we shot down in somalia good war machine
Ryan Edquist Ryan Edquist . 16 hours ago
I think you need a bigger hanger... Maybe with a elevator and retractable roof? Think X-Men... Lol...
Michael Miles Michael Miles . 16 hours ago
So when do you pick up your Chinook?
Hansonica Dela Peña Hansonica Dela Peña . 17 hours ago
My one of the biggest question is:

"Is the government will shut you down if apocalypse happen and saw you flying with their squadrons on air to evacuate?"

2nd Question: "Is your Blackhawk will be confiscated by the government during apocalypse because they suddenly said we don't sell and we don't let civilian fly a government asset's?"
Hunter Tanner Hunter Tanner . 18 hours ago
I wanna see the full build and mods being done to the helicopter
Øroiq Øroiq . 19 hours ago
That's the kind of thing you can do only in America, and maybe in Russia?
Lift Me Lift Me . 19 hours ago
Now give it to aphghanistan

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